Sales Competitions

In Sales Competitions, students at higher education institutions test their selling skills in encounters simulating real-life sales situations. Students will prove their interaction and sales skills to the judges, who will decide the winner of the Sales Competition. At Turku University of Applied Sciences, sales competitions have been used as a method of learning sales skills since 2010. Every year, Turku UAS organizes or participates in five competitions.


Turku Sales Competition

Turku Sales Competitions – read more


Other Sales Competitions around the world


Upcoming competitions in 2021

Turku Sales Competition (12-13 April 2021)

European Sales Competition (17 November 2021) TBC

Previous competitions

SEASAC Sales Competition (1-4 March 2021)

Turku Sales Competition, autumn 2020

Turku Sales Competition, spring 2020

Turku Sales Competition, autumn 2017



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