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What is Turku University of Applied Sciences’ MyyntiAkatemia (Sales Academy)?

MyyntiAkatemia is Turku University of Applied Sciences’ learning environment for marketing and sales students. At MyyntiAkatemia, we cultivate tomorrow’s top talent and carry out different sales and marketing development projects for companies.

If your company needs development in sales and marketing, feel free to contact us via email at and let’s find out how we could help!


Reliable: Reliability is evident in all our actions: we keep our word and deliver what we promise to our customers. We trust in each other’s contributions and guarantee our customers a high-quality and valuable end result.

Bold: We boldly introduce new ideas into our customers’ everyday lives based on their needs. We make bold choices and innovate to improve our own and our customers’ work. As future leaders, we are not afraid of hard work, its challenges, or speaking honestly about issues.

Enthusiastic: We work and brainstorm with the enthusiasm of youth. We eagerly embrace our work and strive to develop both our clients’ businesses and our own professional skills with the utmost energy.

Solution-oriented: Solution-orientedness guides all our actions; in situations that may seem impossible or desperate, we seek solutions to our clients’ challenges. We do not fear challenges or problems; we solve them.


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