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About Turku Sales Competition (TSC)

The Turku Sales competition is a role-playing game in a B2B sales situation. The competition is held twice a year, in autumn and in spring and is a part of the Sales Module at Turku UAS.

The participants of the competition consist of sales engineer students and exchange students of Turku UAS as well as visitors from other universities. The competition is held in English.

The competition in brief

  • A multi-stage sales case is being prepared for the competition together with the main partner
  • The competing student acts as a sales representative in front of a living buyer
  • The sales performance is judged by predetermined judges using the evaluation criteria
  • Judges and buyers include representatives of companies, staff of the educational institutions and students
  • The sales situation lasts up to 20 minutes / seller
  • The first 2 stages are a sales situation and the final is the sales negotiation

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Judges and Buyers

  • Both Judges and Buyers will be trained before competition
  • Main attribute is to use same performance and scale throughout the session for all competitors
  • Judges will have a preset form for assessment and buyers will have their own form
  • Online “room” serves as one unit and “rooms” will not be compared to each other
  • Every competitor will be judged for their own sheet
  • Scores will be calculated based on the individual scores
  • Do not interact with the sales situation. After the situation is over, discussions are more than desired, also with the buyer.
  • After performance, no feedback given to competitors. They simply leave.

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Upcoming Sales Competitions

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Winners of the Turku Sales Competition

2022 spring: 1. Adrian Uhl Vicarte, 2. Nanda Naomi Sungkono, 3. Lena Zengel, 4.Callista Grace

2021 spring: 1. Sophie Maier, 2. Tomke Florian, 3. Samu Suominen, 4. Daniel Wieland

2020 fall: 1. Angelina Getmanchuk, 2. Veronika Gaßner, 3. Basel Al Adib, 4. Fathimah Nur Shabrina

2020 spring: 1. Arthur Gaulard, 2. Niklas Suupohja, 3. Clemént Ferstler, 4. Andre Ostheimer

2019 fall: 1. Tobias Gundermann, 2. Boris Zandstra, 3. Anja Senkmüller, 4. Pinar Sahbaz

2019 spring: 1. Martin Neumeier, 2. Matias Hokkanen, 3. Anoek de Jong, 4. Katerina Dlouha

2018 fall: 1. Jacqueline Piplitsch, 2. Henry J Keinänen, 3. Tim Schöllkopf, 4. William Middendorp

2018 spring: 1. Joonas Koivuniemi, 2. Tuuli Elomaa, 3. Harri Ohvo, 4. Daniel Borrmann

2017 fall: 1. Marvin Mächt, 2. Thomas Leskowsky, 3. Marco Schneider, 4. Anna-Elisa Hochreiter

2017 spring: 1. Ella Mård, 2. Stina Puolakanaho, 3. Mandi Virtanen, 4. Riikka Mäkäräinen

2016: 1. Zielinska Katarzyna, 2. Hanna Beck, 3. Ella Karppi

2015: 1. Lassi Seppälä, 2. Tomi Juhala, 3. Sophie Kopf, 4. Tanja Recknage