Analysis of Reading Offers: The Case of Finland and Germany


Submitting offers is part of the daily routine in sales and one important question is what gets read of such offers and where is attention oriented. We used eye tracking for testing a one-page quotation on a technical product. It seems that Germans and Finns have a similar pattern of attention and fixated on all relevant aspects of the offer, while Germans did not pay as much attention to pricing details and terms and conditions, and did not fixate as often as the Finnish participants. Finnish participants took more time reading the examples and had slightly more difficulty understanding the information.

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Cite this paper as: Berger T., Holopainen T., Seidenstricker S. (2020) Analysis of Reading Offers: The Case of Finland and Germany. In: Kantola J., Nazir S., Salminen V. (eds) Advances in Human Factors, Business Management and Leadership. AHFE 2020. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 1209. Springer, Cham